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HobRes32 2.8.2 (NEW)
CatchColor 1.0.11 (NEW)
OpenGL Infos 1.13
Explorer Patch (256 colors TrayIcons)
HobComment Explorer Extension
HobComment XP Shell Extension
Mouse Jail
Who Lock Me ? 2.0
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plug'In
GoTo Shared v1.0
SVNSync v1.4
SVNSync Explorer Extension v1.0.2
Hob New Project Wizard v1.0
WinCRC v1.2
FolderContextMenuEx v1.0
LockComputerOnBoot v1.1
SimpleShot v1.0
NetClipboard v1.0
NoWinKey v1.0.2 (NEW)
ClipboardCleaner v1.0.0 (NEW)

Kings and Things

Small Font 6x10 for LCD Monitor

Spirops IA Toolkit
Spirops Crowd Toolkit




HobRes32: (Choose your Multi-monitors resolutions)
CatchColor: Display Hexa-value of A Pixel from your Mouse position
OpenGLInfos: Display OpenGL Infos and Test a tiny scene
Windows Patch
You can now use 256 colors icon in your TrayBar
HobComment: Add/Edit comment for each of your directories
HobComment XP: Add a column displaying the file/folder comments in Explorer
MouseJail: Capture the mouse in the game
WhoLockMe: List process locking in file
LockWindows: Lock your Windows in one click
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plugin: Controls BSPLayer with your ATI Wonder Remote.
GoTo Shared: Display your Shared Folders and Open it when you Double Click on it.
SVN Sync: Extract
SVNSync Front-End for Explorer.
Visual Studio 6.0 Addin
Replacement for Visual Studio 6 'New Project...' Wizard.
Computes a Crc32 from a string and push the result into the ClipBoard.
Explorer Extension : Displays Folder Context Menu Items into Background Context Menu.
LockComputerOnBoot: Lock your Computer Just After Boot
SimpleShot: Captures Entire screen, or active window to Disk.
NetClipboard: Send/Receive Clipboard Content over local network.
NoWinKey: Prevents the start menu from being opened when the Win Key is pressed.
ClipboardCleaner: Remove clipboard content's text formatting.

MouseJail: Capture the mouse in the game.

MouseJail v0.01 Beta

To download this freeware

Dr. Hoiby is the author of this little tool.
All Dr. Hoiby's Freewares are certified without Java, without .NET and without any Virtual Machine Code.
He can be reached at

What is MouseJail ?

It's a universal game patch for the multi-monitor users. During a fullscreen game, MouseJail captures the mouse into the primary monitor.

Some games (like "sunden strike" or "GT3") don't capture the mouse into the primary monitor. So when you move your mouse, you can see the mouse cursor on your second or third monitor, and if you click, you quit the game. Arrrg !!

How to use MouseJail :

  • Copy "MouseJail.exe" in your windows directory (C:\WinNT or C:\Windows). (or in a directory accessible in the "PATH" environment variable).
  • Edit the properties of your game shortcut on your desktop, or in your start menu.
  • Insert at the start of your "Target" field : "MouseJail.exe" ( for example : "C:\GTAIII\gta3.exe" => "MouseJail.exe C:\GTAIII\gta3.exe").
  • That's all ! :) - Enjoy !


    To the person saying it's not compatible with Steam games etc... You need to make sure you didn't add it to a launcher. IE, it will work on the menu for the game but not the game. Verify using task manger, what the exe of the game is while it's running. Make sure your short cut points to that, not the launcher.

    This freeware is a beta version.

    Dr Hoiby. -- June 17th, 2002 --

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    Title: Compatible to Windows XP SP2? [2008-03-28]

    I tried your tool with a german game named "Transport Gigant" (english version s. th. like "Transport Giant"), but id did not worked.

    So, my system is Win XP SP2, Radeon 2900 XT with Catalyst 8.3 .. but I think graphics is not relevant, its the system that does this job - or ignores it.

    Sorry about that :(
    I'll try this game ...
    Title: Esacpe Key [2008-10-01]
    Can you make an escape key like ctrl+alt ?
    This would allow the mouse to escape the jail, and move into the other screen. And if you clicked it again the mouse would be jailed again.
    This would be awesome!
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    Title: It´s a long time gone [2008-10-19]
    Ití now real a beta
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    Title: Sorry [2008-10-19]
    The Readme in the zip is from HobComment Explorer Extension, I m thinking I dd not need that for this program
    thats reight?
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    Title: VISTA [2008-12-08]
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    Title: Doesn't seem to work anymore [2009-02-14]
    1st, the readme doesn't appear to be for MouseJail.
    2nd. I can't get it to work on any of my games on a Windows Vista 64 bit computer.

    I know that it use to work when I had Windows XP and used it ages ago, would love to see it work with Vista for games such as Rise of Nations which doesn't contain my mouse, and the upcoming Grand Ages: Rome
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    Title: Thanks! [2009-11-14]
    Amazing! Worked on Window 7 64bit running Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, thanks a lot =D
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    Title: Incorrect 'Install.txt' [2010-01-25]
    The 'Install.txt' file included with 'Mouse Jail' is "CommentExt v1.0.4"
    Please revise the MouseJail001.zip, to include the correct file.

    Thank you
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    Title: Awesome [2010-07-09]
    Dude you rock. I have dealt with the problem for years by just turning off the second monitor.. Finally had it. Started playing Baulder's Gate II again and had this problem. Searched the tubes and found your site.

    Granted, as comments below say, the readme doesn't make sense and probably isn't even related. But it's not rocket science to figure out.

    To users below, ignore the readme. Just use the exe. Create a shortcut for your game with "mousejail.exe C:\game\game.exe"

    To the person saying it's not compatible with Steam games etc... You need to make sure you didn't add it to a launcher. IE, it will work on the menu for the game but not the game. Verify using task manger, what the exe of the game is while it's running. Make sure your short cut points to that, not the launcher.

    In my case, I first modified the shortcut for Baulder's Gate II, well that works just fine for the launcher, but not the game which is blmain.exe vs baulder.exe that the shortcut points to. Created a new shortcut for "mousejail.exe C:\Games\BLII\blmain.exe"

    Works perfectly in Windows 7 x64. Being this app is from 2002.. Bad ass.. Thanks again, if you even see this.. ;-)
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    Title: Coming to you from 2010!! [2010-09-03]
    Released in 2002 (or so) and its still one of the, if not the only, software out there that locks the mouse to the primary screen. I thought every game developer out there would realize that a lot of people have dual screen setups, but apparently only a few does this.

    Thank you very much for this, I had to turn off my screen for a few days because of the mouse escaping the primary screen.
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    Title: trouble installing on XP [2011-01-07]
    how do i install this program on XP? my properties page looks nothing or even similar to what you have above. help?
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    Title: Windows 7 [2011-03-10]
    Windows 7 users.
    If you receive a "Not a valid folder/path: error" Its because you have done this...example from my Icewind dale game.
    "MouseJail.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\IDMain.exe"

    Put the MouseJail.exe BEFORE the " and it will auto change to this....
    C:\Windows\MouseJail.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\IDMain.exe"

    then it shall work. Hope this helps
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    Title: nothing new [2011-07-07]
    i guess. he isn't updating.
    guess i am lucky i found a simiar alternative.
    at 10005.webs. com
    same thing. just works better. little messing around
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    Title: Custom Location [2011-07-27]
    In case you get the folder location not valid error, this is what I did:

    I put the mousejail.exe file into a place in Program Files, and made a shortcut to it from the desktop. Then I edited the shortcut to add the game's path:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\_OtherApps\MouseJail.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\_Games\Sims 2\Sims 2 Double Deluxe\SP4\TSBin\Sims2Launcher.exe"

    Works on Win7 x64
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    Title: alternate is better [2011-08-04]
    agreed' the alternate is simpler
    and shows up. that its active, works wonders with steam!
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    Title: Thx [2014-03-02]
    Just Thank you for this. Correct my dual screen problem for baldur's gate PERFECTLY. Keep going
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    Title: Works great on Windows 7 [2014-07-02]
    Thank you so much for this tool. I recently wanted to play Majesty 2 again on my new Dual monitor computer, only to constantly click on things outside the game whenever I tried to view things on the left side of the map.

    Also thanks to the person with info on installing this app to a custom location on the computer. I was nervous about installing this right in the windows folder.
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    Title: : ( [2014-12-02]
    Doesn't do anything.
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    Title: Works on Windows 7 until you tab out of the game. [2015-07-24]
    Once you tab out and back into the game the mouse escapes jail.
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    Title: Still working on Windows 10 [2017-04-12]
    Used this to fix my mouse capture issue with Baldur's Gate II. Works flawlessly!
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    Title: Fallout 4 and Windows 10 [2018-09-09]
    Thank you! It works.
    I used this:
    "D:\Games\Fallout 4\MouseJail.exe" "D:\Games\Fallout 4\Fallout4.exe"
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